Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

All Foster School undergraduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA). The structure of the program balances business classes with those from outside disciplines, resulting in an overall educational experience of depth and quality.

To earn a BA BA, students complete a set of core courses designed to teach the essential concepts of business in such disciplines as accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, international business, management, and marketing. In their senior year, students take a capstone course that integrates these core skills and competencies. Learn more about the BABA degree requirements.

Admission to the undergraduate program is competitive. Please see our Admissions page for details on applying.

Areas of study within the Foster School

Department Areas of Study Course Descriptions* Formal Option (unless otherwise stated ) Option Details
Accounting Accounting ACCTG Accounting PDF
Management & Organization Entrepreneurship ENTRE Entrepreneurship PDF
- Business Policy
- HR Mgmt
MGMT Human Resources Management PDF
Finance & Business Economics Finance FIN Finance PDF
Business Economics B ECON    
Information Systems & Operations Management Information Systems I S Information Systems PDF
Operations Management OPMGT Operations and Supply Chain Management PDF
Quantitative Methods QMETH    
Marketing & International Business Marketing MKTG Marketing PDF
International Business I BUS See Certificate of International Studies in Business PDF
Business Communications B CMU    
*Most courses are restricted to business majors. Courses with numbers at or above 500 are designated for graduate students.

Formal Options
The Foster School offers seven Formal Options within the BABA degree. Formal Options offer a packaged set of classes, designed by the departments, that are focused on specific academic disciplines. Applicants may apply for one option when applying to the undergraduate program. Details on declaring options can be found in the options handouts, downloadable under Option Details on the above chart.

An option must be formally declared for it to be noted on the transcript at the time of completion of the Business Administration degree.

Custom Specialization
This approach is ideal for students who wish to tailor their course selections to specific academic interests and career paths or to those students who wish to continue a broad-based approach to their business education. Students who design their own elective curriculum are encouraged to seek input from academic counselors, faculty members and others in their network.