Working Papers (By Author)

Philip Bond
William Bradford
Jonathan Brogaard
Kathryn Dewenter
Ran Duchin
Thomas Gilbert
Jarrad Harford
Alan Hess
Christopher Hrdlicka
Avraham Kamara
Jonathan Karpoff
Adam Kolasinski
Paul Malatesta
Andrew Siegel
Stephan Siegel
Mark Westerfield
Lance Young

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Philip Bond

        Bankers and Regulators
            with co-author Vincent Glode

        Does Junior Inherit?  Refinancing and the Blocking Power of Second Mortgages
            with co-authors Ronel Ulul, Sharon Garyn-Tal and David K. Musto

        Government Intervention and Information Aggregation by Prices
            with co-author Itay Goldstein

        Market Run-Ups, Market Freezes, Inventories, and Leverage
            with co-author Yaron Leitner

        Wall Street Occupations:  An Equilibrium Theory of Overpaid Jobs
            with co-author Ulf Axelson

William Bradford

        Hire Joe to Run the Firm or Run the Firm Myself? Management Agency Costs in Entrepreneurial Firms 

        Minorities and Venture Capital: A New Wave in American Business
             with co-author Timothy Bates

         Minority Venture Capital: Data Overview
             with co-author Timothy Bates

         Venture Capital Funds Investing in Minority-Owned Businesses: Evaluating Performance and Strategy
             with co-author Timothy Bates

Jonathan Brogaard

        The Asset Pricing Implications of Government Economic Policy Uncertainty
            with co-author Andrew Detzel

        Do Banking Regulations Have Uniform Effects?  Evidence from Changes in Deposit Insurance
            with co-authors Kathryn Dewenter and Alan Hess

        The Effectiveness of the 2008-2010 Housing Tax Credit
             with co-author Kevin Roshak 

        High Frequency Trading and Price Discovery
            with co-authors Terrence Hendershott and Ryan Riordan

        Networks and Productivity:  Causal Evidence from Editor Rotations
        Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
            with co-authors Joseph Engelberg and Christopher A. Parsons

        Trading Fast and Slow:  Colocation and Market Quality
            with Björn  Hagströmer, Lars L. Norden and Ryan Riordan

Dewenter, Kathryn

        Do Banking Regulations Have Uniform Effects?  Evidence from Changes in Deposit Insurance
            with co-authors Alan Hess and Jonathan Brogaard

Duchin, Ran

        Cash Flow Hedging and Liquidity Choices
        Review of Finance, forthcoming
            with co-authors David Disatnik and Breno Schmidt

        The Concentration of Cash:  Cash Polices of the Richest Firms
            with co-author Amy K. Dittmar

        The Dynamics of Cash
        with co-author Amy K. Dittmar

        In the Mood for a Loan:  The Causal Effect of Sentiment on Credit Origination
        with co-author Sumit Agarwal and Denis Sosyura

        Looking in the Rear View Mirror:  The Effect of Managers' Professional Experience on Corporate Cash Holdings
        with co-author Amy K. Dittmar

        Peer Effects in Economic Attitudes
        with co-authors Kenneth R. Ahern and Tyler Shumway

        Portfolio Optimization and the Distribution of Firm Size
            with co-author Moshe Levy

        Safer Ratios, Riskier Portfolios:  Banks' Response to Government Aid
            with co-author Denis Sosyura

Gilbert, Thomas

        Beta and Factor Models:  Frequency Matters
            with co-authors Christopher Hrdlicka and Jonathan Kalodimos

        Fairness and Risk-Sharing Across Generations
            with co-author Christopher Hrdlicka

        Why Do University Endowments Invest So Much in Risky Assets?
            with co-author Christopher Hrdlicka

Harford, Jarrad

        Corporate Boards and the Leverage and Debt Maturity Choices
             with co-authors Kai Li and Xinlei Shelly Zhao

        Corporate Financial Policies in Misvalued Credit Markets
            with co-authors Marc Martos-Vila and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf

         Determinants of Corporate Cash Policy: A Comparison of Public and Private Firms
         Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
             with co-authors Huasheng Gao and Kai Li  

        Do Analysts Matter for Governance?  Evidence from Natural Experiments
            with co-authors Tao Chen and Chen Lln

        Does the Director Labor Market Offer Ex Post Settling-Up for CEOs?  The Case of Acquisitions
        Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
            with co-author Robert J. Schonlau

        Financial Buyers vs. Strategic Buyers
            with co-authors Marc Martos-Vila and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf

         Financial Flexibility, Risk Management, and Payout Choice
             with co-authors Alice A. Bonaime and Kristine Watson Hankins

         How Do Private Equity Sponsors Add Value? Evidence from a Comprehensive Sample of Large Buyouts
         and Exit Outcomes
         Management Science, forthcoming
            with co-author Adam C. Kolasinski

         The Importance of Industry Links in Merger Waves
         Journal of Finance, forthcoming
             with co-author Kenneth R. Ahern

        Investor Horizons and Corporate Cash Holdings
            with co-authors Ambrus Kecskes and Sattar Mansi

        Mergers that Matter:  The Value Impact of Economic Links
            with co-authors Robert J. Schonlau and Jared R. Stanfield

        Refinancing Risk and Cash Holdings
        Journal of Finance, forthcoming
             with co-authors Sandy Klasa and William F. Maxwell

Hess, Alan

        Do Banking Regulations Have Uniform Effects?  Evidence from Changes in Deposit Insurance
            with co-authors Kathryn Dewenterand Jonathan Brogaard

Hrdlicka, Christopher

        Are Universities Fair?  Risking the Endowment for Future Generations
            with co-author Thomas Gilbert

         Finding the Disappearing Dividends: Stock Repurchaser Characteristics and Their Increasing Propensity to Pay 

Kamara, Avraham

        The Common Component of Idiosyncratic Volatility
            with co-authors Jefferson DuarteStephan Siegel and Celine Sun

        Horizon Pricing
            with co-authors Robert A. Korajczyk, Xiaoxia Lou and Ronnie Sadka

Karpoff, Jonathan

        The Bonding Hypothesis of Takeover Defenses:  Evidence from IPO Firms
          with co-authors William Johnson and Sangho Yi

        Database Challenges in Financial Misconduct Research
            with co-authors Allison Koester, D. Scott Lee and Gerald S. Martin       

        The Impact of Anti-Bribery Enforcement Actions on Targeted Firms
             with co-authors D. Scott Lee and Gerald S. Martin

        The Impact of Shareholder Activism on Target Companies: A Survey of Empirical Findings

        The Legal Penalties for Financial Misrepresentation             
            with co-authors D. Scott Lee and Gerald S. Martin 

         Evidence of Optimal Contracting:  Lockup Agreements in Seasoned Equity Offerings
         previously titled:  Lockup Agreements in Seasoned Equity Offerings:  Evidence of Optimal Contracting
Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
            with co-authors Gemma Lee and Ronald Masulis

         Short Selling and Earnings Management:  A Controlled Experiment
             with Vivian W. Fan and Allen Huang

Malatesta, Paul

        Corporate Ownership Structure and Bank Loan Syndicate Structure
        Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
            with co-authors Chen Lin, Yue Ma and Yuhai Xuan 

        The Decline in the Cost of Private Placements
             with co-authors Mark R. Huson and Robert Parrino

Siegel, Andrew

        On the Economic Meaning of Interaction Term Coefficients in Non-Linear Binary Response Regression Models
             with co-author Adam C. Kolasinski

Siegel, Stephan

        Beta and Factor Models:  Frequency Matters
            with co-authors Thomas Gilbert, Christopher Hrdlicka and Jonathan Kalodimos

        The Common Components of Idiosyncratic Volatility
            with co-authors Jefferson DuarteAvraham Kamara and Celine Sun

        Consumption-Based Asset Pricing:  Durable Goods, Adjustment Costs, and Aggregation

        The European Union, the Euro, and Equity Market Integration
        Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
            with co-authors Geert BekaertCampbell R. Harvey and Christian T. Lundblad 

        The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Shareholders and Managers of Foreign Firms
        Review of Finance, forthcoming
             with co-authors Jefferson Duarte, Katie Kong and Lance A. Young 

        The Origins of Savings Behavior
             with co-author Henrik Cronqvist 

        Real Estate and its Role in Household Portfolio Choice
            with co-author Cornelia Kullmann

        Why Do Individuals Exhibit Investment Biases?   
            with co-author Henrik Cronqvist

Westerfield, Mark

        Market Selection
            with co-authors Leonid KoganStephen A. Ross and Jiang Wang

        Optimal Dynamic Contracts with Moral Hazard and Costly Monitoring
            with co-author Tomasz Piskorski

        Partner Selection in Co-Investment Networks:  Evidence from Venture Capital
            with co-authors Yael Hochberg and Laura Anne Lindsey

        Portfolio Choice with Illiquid Assets
        Management Science, forthcoming
            with co-authors Andrew Ang and Dimitris Papanikolaou

Young, Lance

        The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Shareholders and Managers of Foreign Firms
             with co-authors Jefferson Duarte, Katie Kong and Stephan Siegel 

        Trust and Credit  
           with co-authors Jefferson Duarte and Stephan Siegel 

        Why Does Corporate Governance Explain Credit Spreads?
             with co-authors Jefferson Duarte and Fan Yu